Vilnius Y's Men's Club

I perioden 13. til 16. august 2019 havde Vendelbo Y's Men's Club, Hjørring den store glæde, at have besøg af 13 personer fra vores venskabsklub i Vilnius, Lithauen.

Gæsterne var privat indkvarteret hos nogle af vores medlemmer ligesom klubben var vært for udflugter i det nordjyske.

Vores gæster havde taget den lange tur i en minibus over Sverige, Sjælland, Fyn til Hjørring med et lille stop i Vejle. Hjemturen gik via Frederikshavn - Gøteborg.

Julehilsen 2020

Julen 2020 Dear friends The clock strikes, time goes… Once again it is time to send Christmas greetings. We wish you all a merry Christmas and a good and peaceful New Year! With an insecure world and corona pandemic our everyday life has changed in many ways. It applies both to our daily chores and habits. Even our social togetherness is different. We must do things in a more safe way. Now we are approaching Christmas and New Year and we must relate to, whether we can celebrate with all the traditions that we care about. Just now we are not allowed to travel outside our community due to the corona virus. A typical danish Christmas is a family-Christmas. 24.12 we go to church and listen to the Christmas gospel. We then eat a very traditional Christmas dinner. Many families have either duck, pork roast or goose. Then we have risalamande with cherry sauce. We light the candles on the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Then we dance around the tree, singing our Christmas hymns and songs. It is time to have Christmas presents. In families with young children, a dressed up Santa Claus bring the presents in a sack. For some people Christmas is a difficult time. Both economical and socially. Many actions are taken to help lonely and vulnerable people. We often think back on the cozy days with you. The fine picture with the doors hangs in the church conference room. We assume that your club is affected by the coronavirus. In spring Denmark was shut down and that affected our club activities. Our meetings were cancelled. We started up the vegetable field. Worked here with good space between us. The season has almost come to an end and we are with satisfied with the earnings. Our general assembly was postponed twice but took place in September. We had a fine season start in august. Since then only one club meeting, where we learned about Judaism. Over the years we have tried to gain insight in the major world-religions. Now our meetings are cancelled due to the second corona attack with a high infection rate. This year we donate a large amount to a home for soldiers and veterans. We produced 70 decorations to All Saints ordered by two churches. We cannot have our Christmas-market. Instead we create decorations, advent wreaths and cookies for booking and sale. Many club members are active in ward councils in Hjørring. Many members work in secondhand shops. Some work with surplus food, that is distributed to poor people. It was a great disappointment for all Y’s Men I Denmark that the world congress in Odense was cancelled. In Vendelbo Y’s Men’s Club we are interested in a friendship visit some time. But with the recent pandemic it gives no sense to think about that just now. We hope to be better in sending a greeting now and then. We send our program for the next half year. And hope that it can be implemented. With these words we send all of you many thoughts and greetings. We hope that you are all in good spirit and health. Vendelbo Y’s Men’s Club, Hjørring Vi er en del af Y’s Men International, Region Danmark Many greetings from Vendelbo Y’s Men’s Club Hjørring! On behalf of the world outlook committee Agnete Thomsen